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Dr Domenico Aiello – A Visionary Leader in Finance and Business Strategy

Dr Domenico Aiello is a visionary leader with a remarkable background in finance and a passion for driving small and medium-sized businesses towards success. Hailing from the picturesque region of Sardinia, he has made significant contributions to various industries through his expertise and strategic guidance.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Domenico’s journey in finance began, making him a seasoned expert in supporting organisational development and managing complex processes. His profound understanding of financial intricacies and market dynamics has been instrumental in helping businesses navigate through challenges and capitalise on opportunities.

Having spent over two decades in diverse business contexts, Domenico has a wealth of experience from esteemed firms such as Di Michele Management Consulting Firm (Florence), Cartiere Etruria Srl (Empoli), Ksolution Spa (Ed. Espresso-Pisa Group), and CLEA Spa (Olbia). Each experience has shaped his comprehensive perspective and refined his ability to craft tailored solutions for enterprises of all scales.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Domenico Aiello is distinguished for his generous nature, spending his free time selflessly assisting others. This innate desire to give back to the community has endeared him to those he has touched, earning him the respect and admiration of colleagues and peers.

As a Director of our esteemed board, Dr Aiello brings his astute financial insights and strategic planning to guide our company towards new heights. His expertise in managing complex processes and facilitating business development aligns seamlessly with our mission to empower family-run enterprises.

Domenico’s dedication to supporting businesses and commitment to fostering growth and sustainable practices have solidified his position as a valuable asset to our organisation. His guidance ensures we remain agile and forward-thinking in an ever-evolving business landscape.

We are honoured to have Dr Domenico Aiello as an esteemed board member, leading the way with his expertise and passion for empowering businesses. His unwavering dedication to our collective success is a testament to his exceptional leadership and profound impact on finance and business strategy.

Mrs. Alessandra Romeo – A Stalwart in Family Business Management

Mrs Alessandra Romeo is a true matriarch and a driving force in the success of our family business. Being an integral part of a renowned and vast industrialist family for her entire life, she has played a pivotal role in managing and nurturing the growth of the business.

With a legacy spanning generations, Alessandra has imbibed the values and ethos of the family business from a young age. Witnessing the dedication and passion of her predecessors, she honed her skills and embraced the responsibility of preserving and expanding the family legacy.

As a seasoned leader in the family enterprise, Alessandra’s business acumen and strategic vision have been instrumental in navigating the challenges of a dynamic market. Her steadfast dedication to the company’s growth and ability to adapt to changing industry landscapes have been the cornerstones of our continued success.

Beyond her remarkable achievements in the corporate world, Alessandra’s genuine care and concern for her family and employees have fostered a nurturing and supportive work environment. Under her guidance, the business has thrived, creating opportunities for countless individuals and contributing to the community’s well-being.

Alessandra’s exceptional talent in balancing the demands of both family and business is a testament to her unwavering commitment to both spheres of her life. Her dedication to the family business remains a priority in her life, and she leads by example, inspiring the next generation to carry the torch of the family’s legacy forward.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Mrs Alessandra Romeo as a guiding force in our family business. Her passion, expertise, and love for the industry have strengthened our company’s position and exemplified the true essence of a family-driven enterprise.

Advisory Board

Avv. Gerardo Aprovitolo – Expert in Commercial and Civil Law

Avv. Gerardo Aprovitolo is a distinguished Italian-speaking solicitor renowned for providing exemplary legal services in commercial and civil law and company and property law. As a member of the advisory board of NIDIVO, his invaluable expertise and legal acumen contribute significantly to our mission of empowering family-run enterprises.

With a remarkable career spanning two decades, Gerardo’s legal journey has been marked by excellence and dedication to his clients. As a qualified lawyer in Italy and the UK, he possesses a unique advantage in navigating the complexities of cross-border legal matters, a testament to his global perspective and understanding of international law.

Currently serving as the director of the commercial department at ADL Solicitors Ltd, Gerardo holds a prominent position as a funding partner within the firm. His astute business acumen and strategic thinking have been pivotal in handling a diverse portfolio of private and corporate clients, earning him a reputation for providing top-tier legal services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Gerardo oversees the recently established medical negligence and personal injury department at ADL, showcasing his versatility and commitment to expanding the scope of legal assistance the firm offers. His empathetic approach to handling sensitive cases has earned him the trust and gratitude of those he represents.

Beyond his professional achievements, Avv. Gerardo Aprovitolo is a respected legal figure known for his integrity, reliability and strong sense of ethics. He firmly believes in preserving family legacies and is dedicated to supporting family businesses in achieving their goals and overcoming legal challenges.

As a NIDIVO advisory board member, Gerardo provides invaluable insights and legal guidance, ensuring our services align with the ever-changing legal landscape. His deep understanding of commercial law and ability to identify opportunities and mitigate risks have driven the success of family-run enterprises.

We are honoured to have Avv. Gerardo Aprovitolo is an esteemed member of our advisory board, and we wholeheartedly rely on his legal expertise to empower family businesses and foster growth and harmony within their ventures. His unwavering commitment to excellence resonates with our values, making him an indispensable asset to our organisation.

Prof. Maurizio Bragagni Esq OBE, MBA, CDir, FIoD – Chairman and Chartered Director

Prof. Maurizio Bragagni OBE is a renowned business leader whose expertise spans family business, corporate governance, and sustainable strategy. As the Chairman and CEO of Tratos Ltd, the manufacturing division of Tratos Group, he plays a pivotal role in driving the success of one of the world’s largest independent cable manufacturers, boasting an impressive turnover of over €250 million. A member of the Tratos Group Board since 2000, Prof. Bragagni has been instrumental in shaping the company’s growth and trajectory.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Prof. Bragagni is a prolific author and expert in family business and sustainable strategy. He takes great pride in his membership with the Institute for Family Business (IFB) and has authored several influential books emphasising the significance of family enterprises and sustainable business practices.

Renowned for his commitment to excellence, Prof. Bragagni holds the prestigious Chartered Director designation and is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors. His unwavering advocacy for corporate governance underscores the belief that a robust governance structure is foundational to the triumph of any organisation.

As an esteemed academic, Prof. Bragagni is an Honorary Senior Visiting Fellow of management at the Bayes Business School, City University of London. His research focuses on sustainability strategy, advancing knowledge in sustainable development, circular economy, energy security, and net-zero emissions commitments. Additionally, he holds the position of Visiting Professor at the Institute of Management and Leadership, University Bolton, where he facilitates leadership development and research in challenging domains.

In addition to his scholarly and business endeavours, Prof. Bragagni is an active and engaged member of his community. He exemplifies his commitment to community service as a Freeman of the City of London and a Fellow of the Society of Leadership, St George’s House. Moreover, he serves as the UK’s Honorary Consul for San Marino, demonstrating his dedication to fostering international relations. Prof. Bragagni’s contributions also extend to his role as an Independent Chair at Regent College and as a member of the Trade Advisory Board of the Department of International Trade.

We are honoured to have Prof. Maurizio Bragagni OBE as a distinguished member of our advisory board. His exceptional knowledge, unwavering passion, and commitment to sustainable business practices significantly contribute to our mission of empowering family-run enterprises. We are confident that his wisdom and leadership will continue to inspire and guide us towards fostering growth, harmony, and long-term success for our clients.